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The Vaynor is a large First school, with a nurturing environment where children thrive in both their learning and development. We are proud to be a part of the Redditch West School Trust alongside Crabbs Cross Academy.

We are a happy, friendly and forward-thinking school, with a highly skilled team, who offer a curriculum which is designed to both engage and inspire, whilst providing strong foundations in the English, Mathematical and digital skills needed for life.

At The Vaynor we pride ourselves on our learning partnerships between parents, carers, school and the community, which enables each child to appreciate their role in the wider world and in working together, provide each child with the best possible outcomes.

Slideshow Photographs - children taking part in the sponsored with GB athlete Farrell Treacy.  Take a look at our Events page to find out more.

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  • Ethan 1CF
  • Charlie 1CF
  • Harriet 1RJ
  • Henry 1RJ
  • Ellie 1AH
  • Lily-Jo 1AH
  • Jenson 2JTW
  • Isla 2JTW
  • Lucca 2JW
  • Keeley 2JW
  • Lara 2LS
  • Harry 2LS
  • Evelyn 3AH
  • Corey 3AH
  • Ruby 3DW
  • Imogen 3DW
  • Tilly 3CT
  • Eddie 3CT
  • Callie 4KJ
  • Mollie 4KJ
  • Liam 4ST
  • Amy 4ST
  • Evie 4EO
  • Theo 4EO

House Points

  • 810points
  • 984points
  • 763points


Class RSD
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