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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

This is a very exciting year in school as children enter Key Stage One and continue with their creative learning journey. Our teachers in Year 1 are: Miss Sparkes (1LS), Miss Warman (1GW) and Miss Pearce (1TP). 

Whilst children inspire and drive their learning forward throughout the year, we ensure that all key learning objectives are covered in a variety of engaging ways. Please have a look at our curriculum map to see what we are covering.

If you have any concerns regarding your child, please feel free to contact your class teacher through the Arbor App. If you feel that the matter has not been resolved please contact Miss Sparkes, who is the year group and key stage leader. 



This term our topic is Crowns and Castles. 

This half term, our topic is all about the royal family and castles. We can't wait to get our topic started with our trip to Warwick Castle! During our topic we will be discussing the question ‘If you were the King for the day, what rules would you put in place and why?. We will also be exploring the question- 'Which role/job would you prefer in the castle?' On our trip we will get hands on with different jobs....let's hope we don't get too mucky and the task are not too hard! 



This term our topic is Toy Town.

This half term, our topic is ‘Toy town’. During our topic we will be discussing the question ‘How have toys changed over the years?’ Would we prefer modern toys or our Grandparent’s toys?


We are all very excited about our new topic for Autumn 2023:

Who am I?

This half term, we will be discussing the question: Has childhood always been the same? 

We will be learning all about ourselves and our families. We will be exploring how all families are different and how family members are related to each other by creating family trees. We will then be creating timelines of our lives and learning the meaning of 'past, present and future'. Then we will then be investigating how toys have changed in our lifetime and our parents and grandparents lifetimes. 


Make sure you check our 'Learning Journey' tab to find out what we have been getting up to so far!