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Wellbeing stories- Explanations for children

Please use/watch these with your children, so you can answer questions and reassure them.

Jon Burgerman: Everybody Worries free eBook | Oxford Owl Click on the link to read this online book. 

After reading this book, discuss any worries they may have about the current situation. You could doodle them down or write your worries away. Remember, its ok to have worries and sharing them can help them become less of a worry. 

5 Ways to Prepare to Go Back to School Click on the link to watch a video about the changes schools have had to make to make them a safe place to be.  Use this animation to discuss what school might be like when returning and help this transition.

While We Can't Hug by Eoin McLaughlin, Polly Dunbar | WaterstonesClick on the link to listen to the story. This is a lovely animation to explain social distancing.

Animation & Story Book Explaining the Coronavirus to ChildrenClick on the link to watch and animation and read a book about Coronavirus.

Time to Come In, Bear: A Children's Story About Social Distancing ...Click on the link to watch a video about social distancing

Coming to school in a bubble - YouTubeClick on the link to listen to a story about coming back to school in a 'bubble'.