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Week 8

Please find a range of resources to be used at home to support your child's health and well-being. 

Wellbeing – Chessington School

You could make a Coping Toolbox - Life is upside down right now. Helping your child to find ways to relax and
cope is vital to help their mind and body switch off from their worries. Decorate an old box or container and make your own Coping Toolbox. Explain that they should fill their coping toolbox with things which remind them of good times or will help them feel better.

You could make a worry jar or worry monster- Some children might be showing more worries or anxieties during these strange times. Also with some Year groups returning to school, this might also bring up new worries or fears. A Worry Jar is a place for your child to put their worries so they don’t have to think about them all the time.

Well-being journal: Complete the daily Well-being journal as a family to discuss worries and feelings. You could keep it and put it in your lock-down memory box.