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Dear Year 2, 

Well here it is the end of the school year and look how far you have all come! We are so proud of each and every one of you! You have all shown great determination and resilience this year and took 'lockdown' in your stride! We have missed you all terribly but seeing your photos of your amazing work at home and speaking to you about your home learning has made us all the proudest teachers ever!

Honestly, you have made us all burst with pride this year and there are so many happy memories. From your very first day in Year 2 making those 3D swimming fish with your parents (Mr Walker struggled with these!), to diving into our learning all about the oceans! We were storm explorers, sea swimmers and experts on blue whales! Can you remember how many people could fit into a blue whale’s mouth?............ 50 people!

Then we became history experts learning about The Great fire of London, baking bread like Thomas Farriner and building our own Tudor Houses. We also became experts about wolves and had to help 'The Big Bad Wolf' prove that he was innocent to the police. We had to prove he was innocent of the crimes of breaking and entering and eating Grandma!  

Suddenly....Covid-19 interrupted our normal daily lives and routines. It meant we couldn't all be together as a Vaynor family but by staying home, keeping safe and trying hard with our learning at home we continued our Year 2 journey. You have all learnt new skills at home, made memories with your families and took part in home schooling. We are so proud of you all! 

 We can't wait to be all be back together in September but until then keep safe, keep trying hard and enjoy your summer holidays.

Year 2- 2020- The Year of the lockdown!

Love from 

Miss Sparkes, Mr Walker and Mrs Williams