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Week 11

This week I have made some more online home learning lessons with the focus of health and well-being. These can be used at home to support children's understanding of feelings and discuss any worries or concerns they have. 

As corona-virus continues to disrupt normal life and routines, this could have an effect on your child's emotions and wellbeing. Giving children the time to discuss their worries and feelings can enable children to have a better understanding of what they feeling and why. 

Lesson 1- While we can't hug. Discusses social distancing and what we can and can't do. 

Lesson 2- Tale of two beasts. Discusses different perspectives- what makes you happy? Make an all about me box. 

Lesson 3- Positive self talk- letting go of worries and having a positive attitude to what we can or can't do. Make a put me up poster- I am......brilliant. 

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