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WOW Moments


In Reception we use WOW moments to help us gain a broad perspective of your child’s achievements.  We love hearing about things your child has been doing outside of school and feel the WOW moments are a really positive way to celebrate the home/school relationship for your child!
WOW moments can be completed by parents/carers or any adult who has been given responsibility for your child outside of school hours.  For example: grandparents and other close relatives, child-minders etc. 

The key purpose of the WOW sheet is for us to obtain an understanding of your child’s achievements beyond the ‘school gate’ and to be able to celebrate these achievements with your child and their friends.

The WOW moments are then displayed in the Reception corridor for everyone to share.

Please don't ever feel that any event is not worthy of a WOW moment, we celebrate even the smallest achievements the children make and we have yet to receive one that hasn't given us a further insight into your child's learning! 

WOW moment sheets are always freely available for you to take from outside your child's classroom.