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The children are expected to wear school uniform as we believe it shares the positive values that are part of the school ethos and helps children to feel part of the school.

Our school uniform colours are green, white and grey:

  • Vaynor green sweatshirt/cardigan
  • Grey trousers/shorts/skirt/pinafore
  • White polo-shirt/white shirt [tie optional]
  • Green and white dress in summer
  • Shoes suitable for school, not trainers please or open toed sandals in the summer

For PE lessons your child will need:

  • Black shorts
  • Green round-necked T-shirt
  • Trainers with velcro straps if children cannot tie laces
  • (black pumps may also be purchased if you wish)
  • Track suits may be used in the winter months
  • A named pump bag to keep the items in on your child's peg

Other items required:

  • An apron to protect clothes during Art and Design activities. The best protection is offered by an old shirt with the cuffs cut off and elastic in the wrists.
  • A named dark green book bag to bring items safely, including reading books, to and from school.
  • Wellies are required in Reception.

Obtaining your school uniform

There are a variety of ways to buy your child's school uniform.

The vast majority can be found at supermarkets and chain shops at very reasonable prices.

There are also two specialist places where parents can buy from.

The first in an online site which provides free delivery of logo items and others to any address parents wish.
Prices are competetive.
Alternatively, parents may like to shop locally

Orchard Schoolwear
30 Dunlop Road, Hunt End Trading Estate Redditch B97 5XP
Visit Website

Boys_summer boys_trousersgirls wintergirls_summerVaynor jumper

Please name all items of Clothing, Pump, and Book bags.


The only jewellery to be worn in school are studs in the ears. Other jewellery must not be worn in school due to the danger of accident or loss. No other valuable items should be brought into school.

N.B. If stud earrings are worn to school children need to be able to remove them themselves for PE lessons, or preferably not wear them to school that day. If a child has newly pierced ears or are too young to remove their earrings please provide them with plasters/micropore tape to cover their earrings with during P.E.