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Teaching Staff

The teachers at The Vaynor are dedicated and hardworking.  They work together in 3 Key Stages.  When many of our parents, guardians and grandparents were at school the key stages were called Reception, Infant and Junior! To see a staff member select their name to be taken to a new page.

Reception Classes are now in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  The teachers in this Key Stage are:


Mrs Joanne Downing 

who is also EYFS and Year 1 Leader

Acting Assistant Headteacher For the Academic Year 2022- 2023.


Mrs Christina Collett and Miss Aimee Heath

  Miss Amy Arbuckle

The infant classes are now called Year One and Year Two.  These are called Key Stage One.  The teachers in this Key Stage are:  

In Year One -

Miss Rebecca Joynes



Mrs Charlotte Foxley and Miss Elizabeth Britten

(Mrs Foxley will begin maternity leave in October)


Miss Georgia Warman

In Year Two -

Miss Lauren Sparkes

who is also Year Group Leader for Year 2 and KS1 Lead


Miss Holly Phipps


Miss Rebecca Barton and Mrs Claire Turton

The lower junior classes are called Year Three and Year Four.  These are called Key Stage Two. The teachers in this Key Stage are:

In Year Three

Miss Komal Joshi

who is also Year Group Leader for Year 3


Miss Fay Hadley

  Mrs Nicola Easden


Mrs Holly Hughes (On Maternity Leave)

In Year Four

Mrs Mel Coombs

who is also Year Group Leader for Year 4 and KS2 Lead

  Mrs Diane Williams


Miss Sophie Thomas

When children leave The Vaynor they will enter the upper junior classes, or Year Five and Year Six.  These are still Key Stage Two.  Our main feeder Middle School, Walkwood, and ourselves are working closely together to make this transition as smooth as possible so that children do not have a lapse in their studies as a consequence of the splitting of the Key Stage 2 (junior) years.