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Teaching Assistants play a vital role in school and we have four different levels of teaching assistants.  Those with appropriate training and experience plan and teach classes and small groups for short periods of time whilst others work under the lead of teachers to assist with learning and administration tasks.

There are also some Teaching Assistants on the Early Years Foundation Page

Shirley Smith

Shirley Smith

Hi, I'm Shirley and I am proud to be a Higher Level Teaching Assistant at The Vaynor and one of the two leaders for the Teaching Assistant team. I am married with two sons and live in Catshill. My husband is a DJ in his spare time and has supported the PTA for as many years as I have been in the school, so music plays an important part in our family life. Sometimes, though I do manage to find a quiet place to read.  Autobiographies are my favourites. 

Suzanne Green

Suzanne Green

Suzanne works for most of her time as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant.  She supports groups and individuals, helping them to achieve their very best.

Diane Potter, Rachel Smith

and Adele Bott.

These teaching assistants each work in a different year group, supporting that year group in a range of learning situations to help children achieve their very best. Sometimes they work with whole classes.

    Diane potter

Sheila Skan


Sheila Skan is also our Librarian.


These teaching assistants are highly skilled professionals who  support children, mainly in the areas of English and Maths. This can be group or individual support, they also offer mentoring support to identified children.

  Sheila Skan

Wendy Nelsey, Laura Southwell, Kelly Greenhouse and Cat Mackin 

Wendy, Laura, Kelly and Cat all work with individual children to support their learning and social skills.


Jackie Clee 



Jackie helps with the many admin jobs and overall assist teachers with the myriad of tasks that they have to do!