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Support Staff

Our support staff are of vital importance as they keep the school running smoothly.

Our Lunchtime Supervisors provide excellent care for our children and the cleaning team ensure the site and building are kept clean and safe for everyone.

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Site Manager

Rob Donnelly


Cleaning Operatives

  • Jonathan Gailey
  • Ricky Bevis
  • Jackie Dawson
  • Angela Stewart

Dinner Supervisors

  • Carolyn Petrucci  (Lead Dinner Supervisor)
  • Julie Sawyer
  • Laura Pemberton
  • Sarah Bohusch
  • Dawn Handley
  • Kate Hollingsworth
  • Kelly Dawson
  • Angie Stewart
  • Nazira Raza 
  • Saima Amin
  • Helen Whyte
  • Sally Sullivan
  • Amanda Weston
  • Linda Crooke
  • Lisa Rose