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School Organisation

The Vaynor First School has places for 90 children in each of the five year groups from YR to Y4.  Each year group has 3 classes and the maximum class size is generally 30 pupils. Occasionally, At the end of the Reception year, the classes may be restructured in order to better suit the needs of the children.  Children play together outside and learn together within a year group, so this will not unduly phase the children, moreover this will always be done with pairs of friendships in mind so that children's emotional needs are addressed.

There are three Key Stages:

Key Stage   Age group  Year Group Usual reference in school communications
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 4/5 years old   Reception    YR
Key Stage One (KS1) 5/6 years old      Year One    Y1
  6/7 years old  Year Two Y2
Key Stage Two (KS2) 7/8 years old Year Three Y3
  8/9 years old  Year Four   Y4