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Safe and Secure

The safety of the children and adults in The Vaynor First School are of paramount importance to the Governing Body and staff. We strive to make our environment a healthy and happy place to be in at all times.

Child Safeguarding

Our staff are always vigilant for anything that might cause concern about a child. School works closely with other agencies also in the field of child welfare such as the school nurse, doctor and social services. Should there be any concern that may come under the umbrella of child protection staff will report to the Headteacher, the schools designated teacher for child protection issues. She will evaluate the issues raised and in most cirumstances will talk to parents. There may however be occasions, usually extremely rare, when our concern about your child means that we have to consult other agencies before we contact you. If you would like to discuss this further, please speak Mrs Dunstan, who is the designated safeguarging lead, or Mrs Colcombe, who is the deputy designated safeguarding lead.


Children enter school via the playgrounds in the mornings, and are dismissed by teachers to parents at the end of the school day. In Reception and Key Stage One teachers will accompany children to the playground but in Key Stage Two children are given more responsibility but there is always a teacher on duty in the playground. All children are informed that if parents are not there they must report to a teacher. We request that parents reinforce this message to their children. Entry to the school at all other times of day is through the main entrance doors by the School Office, which are operated by a coded security system, as are all main entry doors to the school.

Parking and general road traffic congestion, both before and after school, presents a serious danger to pedestrians and request that parents are careful and respectful parkers at all times. Parking is always available at Morton Stanley Park and it is a mere 4 minutes walk from the school gates  with only one road to cross. This has a crossing patrol warden on before and after  school. The main entrance gates are closed during the day to prevent unauthorised vehicles entering the site.


Please do not bring dogs into school premises as children can be scared even if your dog is very gentle, or tie them to the railings.  This includes dogs who are carried.

If your dog does foul the pavement around the school please use the refuse bins provided by the council.