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We believe that by working together, parents/carers and the school form a partnership that enables each child to be fulfilled and happy during their time at The Vaynor.  By achieving this our children will all learn to the best of their capabilities and we will form a step in developing the young people of our community into secure adults.

Communication with Parents/ Carers

There are many ways that school communicates with our community.  The two main ones are a fortnightly newsletter which, if we have an email address is emailed or the oldest child in a family brings home in a communication diary/ reading book.  This is for parents and staff to exchange comments about any issues and also comment about reading which children should bring in daily.  We also have a parents diary which we send out at the beginning of the year highlighting significant dates for the whole year, these dates can also be found on this website. This is to help busy parents so they are aware when their child will be involved in events such as assemblies, productions, sports days etc.  Other forms of communication include the MyEd app, letters, questionnaires, parent's evenings, an open afternoon, specific curriculum information events and our school website. We welcome parent views and comments. Many of these will also be posted on this website, or may be sent by email.

Voluntary Helpers

Parents, grandparents, and members of our local community are very welcome to help within school. Their expertise and time is very valued and can enhance opportunities for the children as each adult has many skills to offer. It does mean undertaking a police CRB check. Working with children brings its own rewards so please, if you are ever able to help, see your child's teacher or ask for further information at the office. Please note, we prefer parents not to work in their own child's class as this can be unsettling and distracting for the children.

Parents Evening

Parents are invited to Parents Consultation Evenings during the Autumn and Spring terms.  You will be invited to make a ten minute private appointment with the class teacher/s when there will be an opportunity to discuss your child's progress.  In the summer we open the school for an Open Afternoon for children to proudly show parents their year's work. Parents wishing to see teachers about progress at any other times are welcome to make an appointment after school at any mutually convenient time.