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We do our best for our pupils by valuing the crucial contribution of parents.  We have a Home School Agreement that we ask you to sign when your child starts school.  You will receive fortnightly Newsletters giving general information and dates.  Other letters giving information are regularly sent home.

Parents' Evenings are held during the Autumn and Spring Terms when you can discuss your child's progress with their teacher. In the Summer Term parents are invited into school for an Open Afternoon where their child can share the years achievements and work with them in the classroom. 

Parent information sessions in the form of meetings or workshops are held when parents are invited to come into school and find out what is being taught or how to help their children in their learning. An example of this is 'How to help you child learn phonics'.  If you would like to come into school to help at other times you will be most welcome - please see your child's teacher.

The school is strongly supported by the PTA who hold regular fundraising events which enable us to provide additional opportunities and resources for your children, and we thank them for their ongoing support for the school. 

If you have any questions or concerns please come in and see us.  Likewise, if we have any concerns, we will invite you into school to discuss these.

   If your child has a problem at school

     We encourage the children to always tell if they are concerned or worried about anything. Part of        our Personal, Social and Emotional Curriculum encourages children to take responsibility for what          happens to them, this includes 'telling' so we can help them.  

    Likewise, if there are any home matters which are causing your child concern, or if they tell you            about something that happened at school which made them unhappy, please let us know.  Anything      you tell us will be treated in the strictest confidence and will help us to aid your child.