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Our School

The school building is spacious and, although on two floors, the way the school is organised enables children to be taught in a small school atmosphere.

The Early Years Foundation Stage pupils have their own area, securely separated by a fence from the surrounding area with a large playground. The whole of the indoors and outdoors are used as a learning environment. 

Chinese dragon

Reception fish wall

reception bridge

Key Stage One is positioned on the lower level of the school with direct access to their own playground. This area has been redeveloped to make it a more vibrant place to learn and play, with thanks to the parents and PTA who helped fund the work. These developments include a large covered seating area for an outdoor classroom, or for use as a stage at playtime, play panels and benches. It also includes planters full of plants.

KS1 benches

Key Stage Two is on the upper level, and they enjoy playtimes on their playground which is also on the upper level.

On this level is our spacious school hall used for children's performances to parents and PE lessons. It is also next to our hot dinner kitchen, and is where children eat lunch. After school on most nights the hall also offers a space for clubs - from Dance to Multi skills to Basketball to name but a few!