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We have had a fun-filled half term in Reception learning about the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and exploring all things Winter as well as putting together our very first Nativity!

We have also really enjoyed playing in our outside area, experimenting with different ways of moving around the climbing frame, scooting around the tricky word roundabouts and stomping around with the giant feet!

Join in the fun with the we're going on a bear hunt party #BearHunt |  MummyConstant

Autumn Term 2 Topic:

This half term started off in a real mess! We quickly became mini investigators and used our colourful brains to uncover clues in our classroom and the wider school to find out what or who was creating such a mess in our rooms! We made predictions and verbally discussed with our friends before using our phonics sounds to record our ideas. We followed clues around the school which led us to...THE BEAR! 



This half term has been full of celebrations! We have enjoyed making Halloween potions by listening to step-by-step instructions and building up our fine motor muscles. We created our own Diva lamps and Rangoli patterns with coloured rice to celebrate Diwali. We had a great time with the glitter when making firework pictures, 3D rockets and collaging a bonfire. 


It's Christmas!!!!

Christmas time is upon us and we loved getting in the festive spirit this term. We created lots of Christmas crafts using different media such as collaging a bell, threading a star and we even used a potato masher to create a snowman!

We practised our phonics skills by writing Christmas cards, creating a wish list stocking and taking part in a Christmas sound hunt around the classroom.

In maths we explored different ways of making 5, counting forwards and backwards, one more and one less and spotting number patterns when subitising. 

Last but not least we enjoyed joining in with many of the Christmas traditions such as learning about the Christmas story and creating our spectacular Reception Nativity!


      We are so proud of you Reception!

Have a wonderful Christmas break!