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Our Learning

    Autumn Term

Our first topic in Year 3 is called “Romans on the Rampage”. We will investigate the Roman invasion of Britain. Whenever possible, our learning will be interlinked within the topic.

We will begin our journey by immersing the children in the ancient city of Pompeii through our class text Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit. 

Here are some of the exciting things the children experienced this term:

Volcano artwork inspired by Nick Rowland


Spring Term

Our Spring Term topic is all about rivers in the UK and is entitled “The Rhythm of the Rain”. The children learn about rivers of the United Kingdom and about how floods are formed.

Our enquiry-based question is: “Do rivers help or are they a hindrance?”

This term our English unit is based on persuasive writing.

We then use the book "The Tin Forest" to explore the feelings of an isolated, lonely old man. 

Summer Term

This Term, we will be learning all about the Stone Age.

Our enquiry-based question is: “Which era of the Stone Age could you survive?” We will be exploring this question throughout our curriculum with a particular focus on history.  The children will learn about life in the Stone Age and the Bronze Age and discover if they were able to survive in Palaeolithic Britain. They will learn about Stone Age hunter-gatherers and stone age shelters. They will have the opportunity to think like archaeologists and investigate a range of stone age artefacts.

Please look at the Curriculum Plan for details of all curriculum coverage for the summer term.

Our topic will be led by the texts: