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Our Learning


Our overarching topic for this term is Oh, I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside! The magical Year 2 team have weaved this into a learning journey! 


We are focusing on Narrative in English in this first half term and are building some of the learning around the text 'Sharing a Shell' by Julia Donaldson. The children (and teachers!) adore this story and we have already had lots of fun designing Talk 4 Writing actions to retell it.


As the topic progresses, we want children to become experts about 'under the sea' so will be focusing on a range of texts in Guided Reading where they can read, research and learn even more!


Steering the children's learning towards more Non-Fiction elements, we will then be looking at the largest animal on the planet.....the mighty Blue Whale. We will be researching facts to amaze the reader about this almighty mammal. Did you know a Blue Whales tongue weighs the same as an elephant?


Our Maths focus this term will be 'Number'. This will include: place value of 2-digit numbers, ordering and sequencing and counting in different steps. We have lots of fun this term and use practical resources to support our learning. In Autumn 2, we will be moving on to addition and subtraction and using our place value knowledge to support our calculations.


In Art, the children have begun by exploring the artwork of Amira Gale.


They have completed evaluations and have discussed the pieces using technical vocabulary, commenting on colour, line and tone and also how the pieces make them feel. They will be making their own observational sketches of real shells in the coming weeks - watch this space for some examples!

In our topic lessons we will be exploring Victorian holidays and inventions. We will be using these enquiry questions to base our learning. What happened in the Victorian era? When was it? Who was Queen Victoria?

We will be comparing holidays from the past to now and exploring what it would be like for a Victorian child.

In DT, we will learn the Victorian skill of sewing and will design, make and evaluate our own Victorian Christmas decoration. Look at how amazing our designs are!