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I am James Walker and I lead learning in Maths at The Vaynor.

Mathematics at The Vaynor First School is taught in a manner so that our children understand the purpose of what they’re learning and why. We strive to ensure that our pupils are initially fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, developing strong number sense, as these are the foundations of what makes a good mathematician. Weekly retrieval activities, ensure that our children revisit number facts so that this information is retained. Subsequently, this frequent practise will help the children develop a conceptual understanding, creating the ability for quick mental recall. Once the children are fluent, they reason and solve problems which encourages them to enquire, justify and persevere. With a structured sequential journey at the heart of our curriculum, we endeavour to ensure our children identify patterns and make connections, building on the skills that they already know.

 Mathematics is an interconnected subject and the children regularly apply their acquired knowledge, to other subjects across the curriculum. Our desire is for our children to develop a love for Maths along with an appreciation and curiosity for the subject, while having a curriculum delivered to them which prepares them with the knowledge to success in a world full of mathematical experiences.