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Learning Logs



Examples of a task set for Black History Month and the 'Enchanted' topic in Year 2

The time and encouragement you give to support your child's learning at home will benefit them greatly as they enjoy sharing their experiences with you. 

Part of the children's homework at The Vaynor takes the form of a Learning Log. 

Learning Logs are a home learning journal for children to record their knowledge and understanding in whatever way they feel is most helpful.  Topics or themes are set fortnightly on a Wednesday, allowing the children 2 weekends to complete the task.

The focus for the 2 weeks is chosen by the children. It may be related to current learning in class or be something which the children would like to learn more about.  All children in the class are set the same Learning Log task.

Children may use pictures, writing, photographs, labelled diagrams, pop up pictures and fold away flaps to present their work. They are expected to use no more than 2 pages (a double spread) to do so.

·         Learning Logs are an opportunity for children to extend and consolidate their  learning in the classroom.

·         They encourage children to be creative and independent.

·         They encourage children to be actively involved in their work and take pride in it.

·         Learning Logs encourage a partnership between home and school.

·         As Learning Logs are personalised there is no right or wrong way to approach a task.

·         They give children ownership of their work.

·         Children can be as creative and imaginative as they like.

Please have a look on this page for some examples of previous Learning Log tasks that the children have completed.