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Our parents are always eager to support their child in all aspects of their educational journey, including their learning at home, which they sign up to as part of our Home School Agreement.    This support and collaboration between home and school enables you and your child to develop and learn together, and to sow the seeds of learning as a life-long activity.

At The Vaynor First School, we see homework as an important extension of classroom learning. It helps to reinforce the ideas that the children learn at school, allowing time for information to sink in, skills to be rehearsed or these to be further expanded upon. 

Whilst the focus of these activities will often be English or Maths, other curriculum areas are also introduced in Years 1 – 4 through our fortnightly ‘Learning Log’ activities, which the children themselves have a voice in determining, and take great pride in sharing with their class and year group. 

Homework, is an integral part of the curriculum and is both planned and prepared alongside all our other programmes of learning.

We encourage the children to listen to stories, share books and read together at home.  Home school communication through Reading Diaries, Communication Diaries (or Planners in Year 4) provide a method of communication between home and school.  These can be used to record comments about reading or other aspects of homework or simply to pass messages to your child’s teacher.  NB. Please ensure your child is aware that they need to pass on the book if you have written a comment so that staff can see it as the teacher is unable to check 30 book bags at the start of each day.

Leapfrog encourages the mental recall of addition, subtraction and times table facts. The children have a Leapfrog quiz each week which lasts for 3 minutes.  If they get 100% in 2 continuous weeks, they get to move onto the next lily pad.  However, these questions are not only specific to the lily pad they’re on - there will also be ones from previous lily pads to help prevent the children from forgetting them.  This starts in Year 1 and continues until your child leaves us at the end of Year 4. In order for your children to improve their mental maths it is important for them to be practising at home regularly.

Spellings are given to the children on a weekly basis.  The children will have a list of up to 10 spellings taken from the National Curriculum.  These will follow a spelling pattern or rule for the children to learn and apply to their written work.  These will also be focused upon as part of the spelling activities undertaken in their classrooms where the meanings of each of the words is also reinforced. 

Homework Overview


New phonics sounds covered during the week will be brought home for you to work on with your children each Friday and reading books are changed 3 times a week.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Learning Log homework is issued on a Wednesday and is handed back in on a Wednesday 2 weeks later, where the children will share these with their teacher and one other.

Leapfrog on Mondays

Leapfrog on Mondays

And a Maths activity on alternate Wednesdays

Leapfrog or Maths activity on Alternate weeks on Fridays

Leapfrog or Maths activity on Alternate weeks on Fridays

Spellings on Fridays

Spellings on Fridays

Spellings on Fridays

Spellings on Fridays


10 minutes of Reading Daily


By learning together and undertaking these activities at home, children are more likely to continue to do this as they progress through their school years.

We appreciate that time at home with your children is precious and hope that the homework that you receive will enable you to be involved in your child's learning in an enjoyable way.  Alongside helping you understand what is taking place in school and keeping you informed about the work that your child is doing.