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Health & Wellbeing

With the current Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak and Government recommendations to limit social contact, many people will be spending more time at home than they are used to.

At The Vaynor First School, we know how important it is to keep our bodies and minds healthy. In this section of our home learning resources, we aim to provide you with links, activities and resources to support you at home.  

These are optional resources but we hope they will keep you busy and make you smile! 

In the resources at the bottom, you will find a 'make your own worry monster'. We have worry monsters in each classroom so the children are familiar with using these to share their worries. During this strange time, children may have more worries than normal so this may help them to have one at home.

Movement and exercise

Creative ideas 


Relaxation- story time


Self-esteem helps children cope with mistakes and build their resilience. It helps them try again, even if they fail at first. As a result, self-esteem will help them do better at school, at home, and with friends. Children with low self-esteem feel unsure of themselves, so improving self-esteem, improves confidence.  - This website has some wonderful activities which can be used to build self esteem. 


Mindfulness colouring is a relaxing and calming activity which can also encourage children to explore their creativity while improving fine motor skills. Here you will find a range of mindfulness colouring pages which can be printed off On this website you will find some mindfulness activities which your children could take part in. 


This can help children to regulate their emotions, thereby having fewer meltdowns, reduce their impulsivity and improve concentration and focus. Struggling to get the kids to sleep? Allow these relaxing Sleep Stories, Guided Meditations and purposely-designed Sleep Meditations to get your little ones off to a perfect nights rest.  This website has a range of meditation techniques for children in the form of audio clips. 


Self-care is about the things that we can do to look after our own mental health.  Plenty of breathing exercise, activities, games and videos to help let go of worries. A variety of activities that will help you and your child to manage your wellbeing