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The Governing Body is a group of volunteers who represent the school's place in the locality.  They are drawn from the parents of The Vaynor, some staff members and people with skills or interests from the local community.

The job of these volunteers is to give a strategic overview to the work of the school providing a 'critical friend' to ensure that the school is achieving the very best it can for each and every pupil. No one member of the Governing Body is any more important than any other and most decisions rest with the whole Body, however there is also an overarching Trust - Redditch West School Trust which does take some decisions particularly relating to finance and personnel. The Trust is made up of Karen Lumley, who is chair, Chris Allen-Jones and the Nicki Wright as Executive Head. They only meet once a year, however they meet as directors more often and are joined by Clare Banks and the Chair of Crabbs Cross Academy.  As directors they make decisions regarding both schools. The Vaynor Governing Body have to approve the budget and the end of year financial figures to quality assure the work of the Trust and Directors, thus making all very accountable.  Each year the a Chair and Vice Chair of the Vaynor Governing Body are appointed.

The Governing Body, Trust and Directors are kept in order by our clerk, Sarah Pinfield!

Responsibilities that Governors and Trust have include:

  • Maintaining the building and its environs and its safety
  • Providing 'best value'
  • Ensuring that educational standards are high
  • Staffing