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Design & Technology

I’m Aimee Heath and I lead learning in Design and Technology at The Vaynor.

At The Vaynor we have established an inspiring and practical design and technology curriculum that allows the children to develop a critical understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world. Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems, within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. The children at The Vaynor are taught to select and use appropriate tools safely and effectively to make a product. They are encouraged to consider the effectiveness of their designs and requirements of the product and adapt their work throughout the process. The children also develop strong cross curricular links with other subjects, such as mathematics, science, computing, English and art. As the children move through the school, their design and technology knowledge builds, they learn to take risks and become ambitious innovators who are not afraid of making mistakes. Our curriculum aims to provide the children with the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they need to be successful in later life.