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At The Vaynor First School we aim to work together to make our school a safe and happy place where learning is enjoyable and respect is shown for each person, their qualities, abilities and way of life.  Everyone also values politeness highly and visitors will see children demonstrating these. We are very proud of the behaviour of our pupils, and it is often commented on when we take the children on trips outside the classroom.

Rewards for Good Behaviour

Good behaviour is always praised as this sets role models for others.  Rewards include a smile, verbal praise, stickers, certificates, visiting another member of staff or the Headteacher, and being chosen for our fortnightly Celebration Assembly. If a child is chosen for this they have their photograph on internal display for a fortnight to publicly value their achievement to school members.

Sanctions for Poor Behaviour or Attitude

If pupils choose to break rules or show a poor attitude there are a range of sanctions which begin with a non verbal stare or thumbs down, moving to a verbal warning, 'time out' in class or in another class and being seen by the Key Stage Leader, Deputy or Headteacher. These sanctions are hierarchical and in most instances poor behaviour or attitude is dealt with effectively within class. Parents are involved at the earliest opportunity, as necessary.

Physical Violence, Bullying and Racism

As a school are committed to taking any incidents of physical violence, bullying or racism seriously in all circumstances.  Children are actively taught during assemblies and Personal, Social, and Health Education lessons to follow our rules and to tell an adult if they need help to resolve a problem.  Concerns regarding children with behavioural difficulties are discussed with parents at an early stage.

School Rules:

  • We always try our best.
  • We keep everyone happy and safe.
  • We listen carefully.
  • We are polite and helpful.
  • We care for each other and our environment.