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Art & Design

I’m Christina Collett and I lead learning in Art and Design at The Vaynor.

Here at The Vaynor, the children develop their creative ideas by exploring a wide range of materials and techniques from the moment they enter Reception. By experimenting with natural and man-made materials, pencil control and cutting practice, making collages and story puppets, they soon become confident and independent pupils.

Throughout all key stages, our lessons are designed to engage all pupils and provide them with plentiful opportunities to experiment, invent and build upon their knowledge and imagination. Their ideas and observations are represented through drawings, paintings and sculpture. The children work with a wide range of materials and techniques to express colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. Children produce independent pieces of artwork which are presented in sketchbooks and celebrated through displays. We also plan for collaborative projects which provide opportunities for pupils to work together on a design, share ideas and provide feedback for their peers. During their Vaynor journey, the children learn about great artists, craft makers and designers. They understand how art and design reflect and shape the historical, cultural and creative wealth of our nation. Our children build upon their prior knowledge during each unit of artwork and this enables them to become critical thinkers who are knowledgeable and skilled within their own art, craft and design.