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Wheelchair Inclusion is core to all that we do here at The Vaynor. It is through the identification and meeting of a wide variety of individual needs that we help children make good progress. Parents are the first key to this as they have valued insights into their children and we welcome an ongoing dialogue with all parents so that together we can mae a difference. The second key is close assessment and use fo data in school to identify strentghs and areas for improvement and, as our OFSTED in 2010 noted  'stringent systems to monitor the progress pupils make and set challenging targets' are in place.

At The Vaynor First School we are committed to providing high quality provision and support for pupils who have special educational needs of any kind.  This may include children who have physical, emotional, behavioural or learning difficulties and those who are particularly able.

The Special Needs Policy follows the Government's 'Code of Practice'.  Pupils are continually assessed as part of normal classroom practice and when additional support is required a referral is made to the school's Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator [SENCO].  Pupils then work to an 'Individual Provision Map', which is designed to support them in making progress which is written with input from staff, the pupils themselves and parents. Provision may also include support from outside agencies.  Parental involvement is essential and parents are consulted and informed about what is happening at every stage.

Following the implementation of the Children and Families Act 2014 this June, there have been some changes to the provision for those children with Special Education Needs or Disabilities. Please see the 'SEN Information Report' below for more information.